Yoga Poses that Helps You Burn Calories

Guest post by Iram Shahzadi

Yoga is the best exercise that you can do during your lifetime. It will help you to do meditate and gaining positive energy throughout the day. It’s a workout that helps you to give strength, flexibility and balancing position to your body. Here we are going to tell you the position that you can do while doing yoga. This pose will be helpful for you to burn calories and once again you will be able to get back to your previous figure.

Let’s find out that lavishing yoga poses that help you to burn calories and keep you healthy and wealthy.


Plank helps you to burn mega calories because this posture requires the synchronization of all of your body muscle. In this position, you resist your body towards gravity. You can do this pose to 30 seconds to 5 minutes daily. Once you will become the master in this pose you can add variation in this plank like you can do elbow plank also. Elbow plank is also another best pose to burn a further calorie.


Dolphin pose is similar to the downward dog. What you have to do is to put your forearms on the mat to give strengthen your body. Now open the shoulders and chest up. This is how the dolphin poses help you to burn calories. You can do this pose for 30 seconds or 5 minutes daily.

Sun Salutation

It’s the miracle yoga pose that will include your abs, shoulders, calves, biceps, glutes, and triceps. It will include 12 different postures that help you to burn calories. The sun salutation helps your body to stretch and energize in the morning. It’s the best exercise to activate your cardiovascular system. It can also help you to strengthen your lungs and oxygenate the blood.

So these are the different poses that help you burn calories and give you the refreshing lifestyle.

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