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For the first blog post on this website, I’m gonna give you some tips and tricks that helped me find my voice when I’m writing. They helped me find the courage to write, to share my ideas without being constantly scared about what others will think. I still find sometimes that I can’t post on Facebook or Instagram, because I know there are co-workers and family who do not want to read what I write. If you are like me, The Creators’ Tribe is the place for you. While these tips and tricks refer mostly to writing, all creators can find useful ideas.

Write for yourself

Rebecca Campbell, one of my favorite authors, talk about this tip in her book Light is the new black. It took me a while to let this advice sink in, but if you think about it, it make perfect sense.

When you try to write for others, your ideas get killed by the “what would they like”, or “what if they don’t like this, what if nobody considers this inspiring”. So the easiest thing to do is aim at inspiring yourself. Writing will become the easiest thing ever if you do that. And soon you will find a lot of people will be attracted by your ideas. You will not only find a public, you will find you tribe – those people who think like you, those people attracted by your light.

So next time you want to write something, write just as you feel it. Inspire yourself. Pour your soul on paper (or whatever text editor you use). Let your light shine and the right people will be attracted by it at the perfect moment.

Be your greatest source of inspiration

While it is great to have a role model, a favorite author whose writing style you admire, you are…you. So be you! Yeah, that sounded cheese, I know. But it is real. If you are stuck trying to imitate this writer or that writer you will never write the best text you are capable of. And this is available for fiction and non-fiction writers. After all, you are not striving to be somebody’s copy. You are striving to be unique. And here’s the good news: you are unique. All you have to do is let others see the real you.

Show up and start writing

“Wait what? Seriously, this is on a tip & trick list?”

Yeah, sorry, it’s here. Because I have met so many people who thought about writing, but didn’t. Maybe they were stuck in some of the mentalities listed above. Maybe they didn’t know where to write, they wanted something bigger than classic social media but didn’t feel like putting in the work of launching a blog. Well, the Creators’ Tribe is here to help change that. Just write. Send us your story and it will be published. We’ll help promote your posts. You can stay anonymous. Seriously, just write.

Leaving the marketing outside of this little tip, you’ll see once you write the first post it becomes easier. You’ll get better. You can get feedback and use it to better your next story. Seeing your work published makes a huge difference, trust me.

Find your inspiration

We are all inspired by something. Some love to listen to music. Personally, I find my greatest inspiration comes in nature. When I am in nature, seeing the world in its natural state, I get the best ideas. So what’s you safe haven? Maybe it’s the sea, or a park. It could be the city itself, or a good coffee with friends. Or you might settle for a nice bouquet of rose. Whatever it is, find it. Let yourself be inspired and inspire others in return.

Don’t beat yourself up

There might be days when you just can’t write. Other posts might receive a lot of negative feedback. Or there might be post that aren’t read. Don’t beat yourself up! The best of writers have bad days. Many started off by hearing their work is not fit for publishing. Keep going! Learn lesson and move on. You’ll find the right tribe for you, I promise.

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    I love the concept of your site. It is great to see someone striving to unite creatives in one place to share their work.


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