Why I Love Autumn

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It is officially autumn in this part of the world. I am currently in Barcelona, and here the weather is still warm and nice. But even here you can start to feel the autumn vibes. Now, if you know me, you know I’m a summer girl 100%. I love everything about the summer, the warm weather, all the activities outdoors, nature, and even the clothes. But, there are some things about autumn that are just irreplaceable.

Comfy, cozy sweaters

I love comfy, cozy sweaters, they are just perfect. In those days when the weather is not hot but not yet cold and you just wear a t-shirt and cover it with your sweater.

Hot tea in the evening

Since the weather gets colder, we’re tempted to spend more time inside, especially in the evening. I love those moments when I can snuggle up with some friends, watching a movie and sipping good tea. I am not really a fan of iced tea but I DO love tea, so when the weather gets colder I get to be in tea heaven again.

Watching the leaves change colors

Autumn equals colorful leaves. I love some summerish green, but those colors when the seasons change? Amazing. I admit it does give me a bit of nostalgia and forces me to really sit for a minute and meditate. Something that, as an introvert I love. Summer is very…extrovert, which is great, but for me, it’s only great for a limited amount of time. So comes autumn, I love the change to take it slow and have more me time.

The shoes

More specifically boots! I love to wear boots. If I could wear them in any season, I would, but when it’s hot they get a bit uncomfortable. I know there are summer boots out there, but I like the real deal, especially chunky heel boots. Stilettos are hard for me to wear, but at the same time, I love high heels. So chunky heels are perfect. One of my favorite outfits at the moment are a pair of black chunky heel boots that I wear with black jeans and a red cozy sweater.

These are some of my favorite things about autumn. I know most people would add pumpkin everything to this list, but funny enough I’m not a pumpkin fan. How about you? Are you an autumn person? What’s your favorite thing about this season?

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