What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Did you ever have days when your hard work was pointless? That you were never going to achieve your goals, that this thing you were working towards was never gonna happen? Did you feel like you were naive and that there was no way you were gonna become what you were dreaming? Maybe you felt like giving up?

I did. I felt that way a few times in life. The most recent was yesterday.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Old issues that I thought were long buried resurfaced out of nowhere. Doubts and negative thoughts started to make their way into my mind. “I’m not good enough. My ideas are stupid. The world is full of people who do what I do, why would anyone bother to take a look at my work? I’m wasting my time with this blogging and sharing on social media.”

So I decided I was going to ignore it. I did not write a new blog post. And I did not go on social media. Evening came and I decided to open my Instagram. Looking at my feed, I saw this quote I had shared last week.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Earl Nightingale

Have you ever done something like this? Preach something without applying it to your own life? Well, it seems yesterday I just became guilty. Later, logging into my blog I also spotted one of the first articles I wrote here – ‘How to Reach Your Goals in 2018‘. It’s an article full of good advice to help you NOT give up your goals. Advice that I was obviously not applying for myself.

When you feel like giving up ask yourself why

But not why you want to give up. I’m sure in that moment you’ll have a list full of reasons why giving up is the best and the only option.

Why did you start?

When you started working towards this particular goal, why did you do it? And most importantly – are you still doing it for the same reason?

For example: maybe you started a food blog with the first goal to post healthy and easy to make recipes to show people eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming. In the back of your mind you were, of course hoping to one day make a living out of this blog. Maybe not enough to quit your job, but enough to fund some crazy travel dream.

However, since starting the blog, you’ve become consumed with the last part – the money making. You are going to extremes with promoting your website, you are constantly on social media, constantly researching various options to monetize your blog.  As a result, you are tired, you have no time to write articles, you lack ideas for the blog and it has gone from a passion something that drains you.

At this point you might want to quit. You are exhausted but are not even close to having thousands of views each day and are making 0$ from the blog. You probably feel it’s a waste of time and energy. Truth is, you lost focus. You forgot why you started. Sharing easy and healthy recipes has gone to the bottom of your to-do list.

Giving up is not an option

Never consider giving up an option! Take a break. Rebrand if you must. Start fresh. But don’t give up. The simple fact that you were capable to set this goal, to dream that something could be possible is reason enough to believe you can achieve it!

Don’t listen to the voice of fear!

Fear is a liar. It’ll tell you to give up, it’ll tell you that you’re not good enough. Don’t listen to it! You are stronger than you think you are. If this goal you’re working towards still sparks a light in your soul, than it’s worth fighting for.

Reach out!

Before actually giving up what you’re working on, reach out to someone. I know this might not always be the easiest thing to do. Heck, I rarely reach out to people I know in “real life”. But we do live in the 21st century and social media is full of people with whom you can connect. If you are a blogger and saw yourself in the example I previously gave, you could use those same groups in which you were promoting yourself. They are filled with bloggers who, just like you are struggling to make it in this blogging business. Start a conversation on the topic that’s bothering you. You’ll be amazed how many people have gone at least once through the same thing as you.

There are also other types of groups where you can reach out to people. Continuing with the example I previously gave of the food blog. Go in groups where people share recipes, or diet groups where people look for healthy food ideas. Share your blog posts there (if the rules allow it of course). It could help if you were previously an active member of those groups as they won’t see your posting of links as marketing, but just helpful contribution. This is something I myself did with my blog and I was blown away by the positive response.

Sometimes you fail

…and that’s OK

Since we were kids, we were taught to see failure as something negative. We were grounded when we failed at school, we were made fun of when we failed at playing a game with other kids. We take this mentality with us as adults and consider failure the ultimate misery. But what if I told you it wasn’t so. If you read my blog post ‘Try – What’s the worst thing that can happen?‘ you might remember I wrote there about losing my job in 2016. At the time I considered that one of the greatest failures of my life. And in a way it was. I had failed, I wasn’t going to become what I had dreamt.

Looking back on it now, I realize what I blessing that was. Had I not lost that job, I wouldn’t have gotten the new one. And I would not be writing this blog, making business plans, becoming an entrepreneur. Sure, I wouldn’t have experienced such a clear defeat. But I wouldn’t have grown.

This, I believe is the most important lesson to learn. Fight for what you want with all you’ve got. Follow your dreams. Create goals and set out to achieve them. Don’t give up just because you feel overwhelmed. But when you fail, when it all comes crumbling down, learn the lesson and move on. There’s a reason why it crumbled down. Grow. Become better. Set a new goal. Don’t repeat the same mistakes. Let the experience make you better, not weaker.

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    Mommy Jhy

    If an archer shoots just for fun he has all his skill.
    If he shoots for score his hands tremble
    and his breath is uneasy.
    If he shoots for a golden price he becomes mad and blind.
    His skill was not lessened, but the vision of the target changed him.

    — Chinese proverb


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    Nice post – nothing worth having comes easily. Definitely make sure your goals align with your purpose in life. Work hard but also remember to relax, too.


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    Looks like you and I are on the same wavelength this week. (Check out my latest post if you haven’t yet.) These are great, positive and inspiring suggestions, and I love your transparency! Thanks for posting stuff this! 🐝


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      Looks like you and I are on the same wavelength this week. (Check out my latest post if you haven’t yet.) These are great, positive and inspiring suggestions, and I love your transparency! Thanks for posting about this! 🐝


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    Great advice. We all have rough patches, but knowing how to overcome them is key. Thanks for sharing!


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