What to do when you hit writer’s block as a blogger

Whether you are a new or an experienced blogger, you will sooner or later come to the dreaded writer’s block. That moment when, no matter what you do, you just can’t write. Maybe you have a few ideas in your head, but words just won’t come. Or maybe you feel you have completely exhausted all your ideas and you’ll never be able to write another blog post again. Relax! It happens to everyone. You’ll write again. Sometimes time is the best inspiration. But when you need new ideas, when you just need a new article ASAP, there are a few things that can help you boost your creativity.

Read other blogs

I find that this is one of the quickest ways to get new ideas. You just read other blogs in the same niche as yours. No, I am NOT telling you to copy from other bloggers. You must never do that. But you could notice a type of article you’ve never done before. Or maybe you’ll see some idea presented in their blog that you disagree with. So write a blog post with your opinion.

Ideas can come from the simplest places, because usually a writer’s block is not that you’ve exhausted all the topics out there. It’s just that maybe you’ve had a rough week, you’re stressed, the kid keeps crying for no reason, your boss is an idiot. So go on a few blogs and see what others are posting about. Maybe you’ll realize you haven’t posted an updated morning routine in over a year. Or that you’ve never done an evening routine. If all else fails, you can at least comment on the blogs you read and “meet” some new bloggers.

Watch vlogs

Something that I’ve been loving doing lately is watching vlogs in the same niche as my blog. I like that I can sometimes just listen to them in the background while cooking for example. Keep listening to ideas from the same area you write about, allow your ideas to focus in that area instead of the problems at work or whatever else is on your mind. Do have a pen and paper ready while you watch to write down all your ideas.

Read books that inspire you

Similar to reading blogs, but very different in the same time, reading a good book can help boost your creativity. You might get ideas for a blog post, write something in between a review and musings on a certain topic (like I did in this post last week).

Don’t just focus on what you might call inspirational books. Unlike with reading blogs from your niche, where the aim is to maybe notice some topics you’ve never done and see what others are interested in, here the idea is to boost creativity. Because sometimes that’s all you need to get rid of the writer’s block. For instance, I love to read thrillers. However, as you obviously notice, I don’t write fiction. Still, I wrote some really nice articles after reading a good thriller. I find that books have a better effect for my creativity than movies. If you are the opposite, than go watch that movie!

Take a break – Clear your head

Sometimes, when you hit a writer’s block, the best thing to do is to stop trying to write. Take a break. Clear your head. And stop thinking about writing! Stop looking for a subject, for an idea. Let it all go. For me yoga is a cure like no other. I’ve had times when I had no idea what to write and I’d been thinking about it and reading books and blogs and nothing would come. Then I’d decide to take a break and do some yoga. Ten minutes into the practice, I’d have ideas literally flowing through my mind. Sometimes I actually had to stop my practice and start taking notes. A small break can go a very long way!

If you are lucky and have good weather and a park nearby, you can try a walk in the park. Or go to the gym. Listen to music. Take a bubble bath. Ideas might come within minutes after taking that break. Or they might not. You might need to extend the break. For me in these moments, the most important is detachment.

Detach yourself from your writing. Forget about the deadline. Let yourself just be. Go on with your life. Every now and then, try one of the options above, try to think again about an idea. Also, remember that especially as a blogger, you don’t have to be stuck with one type of topic. Sure, if you market yourself as a fashion blogger it might be weird to include a recipe in there. But hey, maybe that’s a fashionable recipe. That’s not even a thing, you say? Make it a thing! It’s your blog!

Stop trying to please everyone

Something I noticed about myself is that every time I feel I hit a writer’s block, it’s not that I don’t really have any imagination or inspiration, it’s more that I’ve been trying to write content for others. This somewhat contradicts my first advice here, about reading what others write. It truly depends on you. When you hit your writer’s block, try to figure out what is actually wrong. What’s blocking you. Maybe take one step at a time.

The thing is, when you constantly try to come up with cool content for your niche, at some point or another, you won’t be writing from your heart. Remember in my first post on this blog I wrote about the best advice I received about writing: write for yourself! You will never be able to please everyone. So stop trying to create content solely for others. Create for you. The past you, the present you or maybe the future you. What do you need to hear now? I can guarantee there are many other people out there who need to hear those exact same words. It’s the beauty of this age. We can reach that many people. So why not write just that?

If you need more tips on how to find inspiration, or if you are struggling with finding the confidence to write, check out this blog post I wrote a month ago as a guest for Fervent Writing.

What to do when you hit writers block
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    King braswell

    Great tips! My favorite one is about not trying to please others. Our blogs are ours, we do what we want with it. When I get writers block, i tend to reflect back on what happened to me over the last couple of days, and im back at writing again. We go through different things everyday, so sometimes all we have to do is go back a little. Great Post!!!!


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    Brooklyn | La Ti Do

    These are awesome tips! Thanks
    <3 Brooklyn | latidoblog.weebly.com


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    Mommy Jhy | www.myfavoritelists.com

    Argh this is soo true!

    Reading books or going outside with my kids give me new perspectives and ideas for my blogs.


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