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Are you one of those people that hates Mondays? One of those who feel waking up early is way harder on Mondays, who feels tired and sluggish all day, wishing the weekend had been longer? Then this blog post is for you.

I was one of those people almost my whole life. Weeks would start so hard, Monday was always the hardest day of the week. And not necessarily because there was more work to do, but because I was way to tired to work. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered some little changes that I could make to my weekend routine to ensure my Mondays would be great. Here are the 5 tips that helped me hate Monday a little less.

Keep the same sleep schedule during the weekend

I know, easier said than done. When Friday rolls in you can’t wait to go out with friends, you have at least one invite for a party on Saturday. Or maybe you wanna go out to the movies with your partner, or just stay up late at home having a pajama party with your friends. Besides, party or no party, who can resist the sweet temptation of sleeping in on the weekend?

So why am I telling you to ditch a habit that makes you so happy? Think about. You’ve spent 5 days of the week creating a nice habit. You’re sleeping 7-8 hours a night, going to bed around the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Maybe it wasn’t 100% perfect, but having to wake up at the same time, eventually forces an evening habit as well. And just as your body is getting used to this schedule, the weekend comes and you ruin everything.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to give up all social life and stop going out during the weekends. However, try to hold on at least to the wake up time. OK, if you went to bed at 3 a.m. in the morning, waking up at 7 a.m. will be nearly impossible. But 8 or 9 a.m. at the latest could be doable. Yes, you’ll be mostly a zombie all day and no 5 to 6 hours a night is not enough. But it’s one night. And when evening comes, you’ll feel sleepy enough to go to bed at your normal time or even a bit sooner. Let that happen and return at your normal time for the morning as well.

And if one weekend you aren’t going out, experiment with keeping the exact same sleep schedule for the weekend. You’ll see Monday morning will be much easier.

Remember to relax

Many times we use the weekend for rest … Rest of the laundry, cooking, cleaning and more. You need to do those things, of course. But schedule it in such a way you can actually find a little time to relax. The idea is to feel rested after the weekend, not to wait for Monday so you can sleep at your desk, behind the computer, praying that nobody notices. For example, aim to stop the work at 4 p.m. on Saturday. From that moment, unplug from anything that means work for you. Or do all the work on Saturday and relax on Sunday. Mix it up as you wish, just make rest be real rest.


Clutter is horrible and something I am extremely guilty of. I can make a disaster of my house by Friday, because I’m always on the run and never have time to reorder things. The weekend is usually not better, even when I clean the house completely, the clutter will probably be moved to the drawers. I know there are many like me out there. Let me tell you a little sad fact: clutter can make you feel unproductive, tired and stressed. Because you’re constantly surrounded by things you don’t need, barely finding those you do need.

Starting the week in a house full of clutter will make you leave the house more stressed than necessary. So take the weekend to declutter. Throw away what you don’t need and re-order the things you do need. It might feel like work at first, but in time, as you’ll feel the positive effect this little habit has, you’ll do it happily.

Make a list of things that make you excited for next week

I’ve read so many blog posts that recommend creative a to-do list for the next week, or at least for Monday. They say this will help you be more prepared and feel less stressed. If you agree with them, awesome, do that! But consider the approach I’m proposing as well.

Personally I always feel stressed about to-do lists. OK, maybe not always but I don’t feel like they are a tool for me to relax. How can I have a relaxing evening on Sunday if I think about what I have to do on Monday? For me, honestly, that’s the perfect road to insomnia. I prefer to go about it differently. I create this to-do list on Friday evening. Just before I leave work, I write in my notebook the tasks I need to complete on Monday. That way, when I get to work on Monday morning, I’ll have my list waiting for me and I won’t forget anything. I find it easier to make the list on Friday as I know exactly what I finished that week and what remains for the next one.

On Sunday evening I like to write a list of things that make me excited for next week. Even if sometimes it’s meaningless things like having lunch with a friend at our favorite restaurant. You could also write going to the gym and trying a new workout, if that’s something you enjoy. Give the week that’s about to start a positive vibe. Focus on how awesome next week is going to be! Doesn’t Monday sound better already?

Food prep

The final step of my weekend routine is food prep. I rarely prepare food for the entire week, just because I don’t like it. But I always try to prepare something healthy for Mondays, especially for breakfast. I’ll always make a delicious breakfast that makes me feel excited to wake up. I don’t have time to cook in the mornings, so I usually go with chia pudding or overnight oats. Even smoothies can work – I just chop all the ingredients and have them ready and measured so that all I gotta do in the morning is blend them. Monday morning just got even better. And if you’re looking for more inspiration for a healthy morning, check out this blog post.

Do you have a weekend routine for a great Monday? Share it in the comments!

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    Jerika Zimmerman

    These are such awesome tips! Great post!


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    Mondays are so tough for me! Thanks for the post, I will definitely need to try these out! I agree with food prep, it helps tremendously IMHO.


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    Great tips! l used to spend Sundays dreading Monday but now just live in the moment and utilize some of these same practices, myself.


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    Erika Lancaster

    Pretty great tips! I loved the idea of creating a list of things to look forward to throughout the week, along with the usual to-do list. It really gives you something to look forward to! Thanks for sharing!


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