Have you ever dreamed of doing something but feared pulled you back? Maybe you wanted to start blogging, start your own business, or talk to that person you kinda like. But then all these negative thoughts came and stopped you: what if it doesn’t work, what if nobody likes my ideas, what if she/he rejects me? Stop for a minute and really ask yourself: what’s the worst thing that could happen?

I may not have a statistic, but in my own experience, more dreams fail because we don’t even try to make them happen. How sad is that? We stop ourselves by wondering ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ instead of considering the possibility that it actually might work. And you know what? The truth is, most of the time, the worst thing that can happen if we try is actually not worse than where we are already.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

This, I think is the one question that really matters. If you can answer this one, you’ll see following that dream of yours is not that dangerous after all. Let’s take a few examples.

Starting your blog. You’re afraid nobody will read it, nobody will like it, it won’t help you make any money and it’ll be pointless. So you just don’t start it. But what’s the worst thing that can happen? They won’t read it. They won’t like it. You won’t make money out of it. So…? So you’ll be stuck where you are, at the job you probably don’t like. Basically this means the worst that can happen is being right where you are now. What better motivation that trying to do something different? If it doesn’t work, you’ll just stay in this familiar place. But at least, you’ll know you tried.

How about something different – talking to that person you like. What if he/she doesn’t like you? What if you make a fool of yourself? The worst thing that can happen? They don’t like you. But then you’ll be exactly where you are today. Single and looking for someone. At least you’ll be able to move on and cross that person off the list of suspects. Is that really that bad?

Financial risks

Sure, we have to admit, every now and then, the biggest risk is financial loss and that might take us a little lower than our current situation. For instance starting your own business will probably require some investment. If the business doesn’t work, ROI might not be possible. However, take it like this. If you are thinking about your own business, there’s a good chance you’re not entirely happy where you are. You feel you can do more, you can be more. Minimize the financial risk by taking small steps.

Start going to meetups with other entrepreneurs. Find people who are more or less in the same line of business as you. Try to learn all you can from them. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn. If possible try partnerships. If possible, try keeping your job on the side. The truth is, there’s a good chance some of the ideas might fail at first. But you’ll be able to learn what didn’t work.

The power of taking care of your soul

I feel like one of the most overlooked things when we talk about starting something new is the power of taking care of ourselves, of our souls. You don’t have to be religious or have any type of spiritual practice for this. You just have to take time to listen to what your heart really wants. We are intuitive beings. Society may not teach us to listen to our intuition, especially nowadays with all this technology surrounding us. But your intuition is there. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear it. And trust me, it will guide you on the right path.

Story time

In the last part of 2016 I went through one of the worst phases of my life so far. I lost my job, my best friend moved to another country, I was single and I saw no way to get out of this bottomless pit. I couldn’t bring myself to go out, I went to interviews wearing this face that basically said “I’m worthless, I know nothing and I don’t deserve this job”. As a result, I never got the job.

One day, I found out my favorite author, Rebecca Campbell had a workshop in London in the first days of December. I just knew I had to go. It was the most insane decision – after 3 months of being unemployed I was running out of money, but I knew I needed that journey. Call it intuition, divine guidance, whatever you want. So I went. To keep up with the crazy I decided to stay for 5 days and properly visit London. It was my first real solo trip – the previous ones had always been for work. It was the most liberating and amazing thing I had ever done.

I attribute part of it to Rebecca’s workshop and the wonderful women I met there, of course. But the entire trip allowed me to have such a powerful introspection. I was able to find my will to live again, to see my worth again. And it sure as hell wasn’t dictated by my old boss or by my singleness.

Two days after I got back home I went to another job interview. I got the job before the interview was done!

My point? Don’t underestimate the power of feeding your soul. Sometimes it’s the most important step in getting your dream life. The worst thing that could have happened here – the trip being useless and wasting all my money. I would’ve run out of money a few weeks earlier than if I had stayed at home. Which is bad, but in the end, running out of money is running out of money. No matter in which day it happens.

The biggest risk

Eventually, the biggest fear if being stuck. Not being able to leave this place, this situation that makes us unhappy. However, instead of realizing this, we focus ourselves on other risks. Not being liked, being rejected, failing. But if the worst thing that can happen is being back where you are now – you are living your worst situation! So why don’t you try to get out of it? If it doesn’t work, you’ll be back in the place you hate. But if it does work you’ll be free.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Earl Nightingale

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    Meghan @ Girl Biz Online

    LOVE that quote at the end – really powerful. Wonderful post!


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    Melissa Welby

    This post is full of great perspective. So many people stay being unhappy because they know it and it is uncomfortably comfortable. Change is hard but can be SO worth it!


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    Damond Nollan

    First, congratulations on getting that job! I know you had an immediate burst of belief, which is rightly so. Second, I want to thank you for writing about this. Fear has a unique way of holding us back from what we really want and need. I’m learning to face that very thing in my own life.

    Third, I also want to agree with you about getting connected with yourself. Listening to what we really want is so powerful. For me, I find a connection when I take time away from everyone else and write (journal). I learn so much about myself and what I’m thinking inside.

    Thanks again!


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