Today I’d like to revisit one of the most dreaded issues for us bloggers and writers – the writer’s block. I talked about it before, giving you tips about beating the block. Today is not so much about how to beat the block, it’s about how to keep on writing. Because let’s face it, it has happened to all of us at some point: you don’t plan ahead, either due to vacations or just a busy life. You think you’ll write on the weekend or on Monday. And when the day comes you realize you’re totally out of ideas, incapable of writing a single word. So here’s my challenge for you:

Write about your block

Yes, you read that correctly. Write about why you have a block. Make it a journal entry if you want. It doesn’t have to make sense. “Today I can’t write, it seems I’ve hit a writer’s block. Here’s why I think this is happening.” The why can include the fact that you’re tired. So why are you tired? Maybe you are angry or sad. Or maybe you’ve disconnected from your muse, from what used to inspire you. Write about that. There are two benefits to doing this. One, the journaling process might help you figure out why you are in a writer’s block and subsequently how to get your mojo back. Two, even if you don’t figure out much, this little journal entry where you write about your past few days looking for the source of your block can become a real blog post.

A few ideas from what tends to block me:

  • long days at work with tasks I don’t like
  • poor website traffic
  • too much time spent marketing my blog
  • not spending time in nature at least a couple of times a week
  • anxiety

Find your trigger. And write about it. Why does this block you? What made you anxious? What is stopping you from spending time in nature? The list goes on.

Write every day – JOURNALING

This is not so much something to do during a writer’s block, but something that will help you write when you hit one. In one word: JOURNAL. You can have a real journal, create a draft on your blog or write in an online notepad. Whatever suits you. Of course, depending on your blog niche, journaling might not always help. Food bloggers or fashionistas, for instance, might have a harder time here. But most niches can find inspiration in their day-to-day lives with a little imagination.

How does this help a writer’s block? Simple. Next time you can’t write, look back at your journal and find some ideas you can expand from there. Who knows, you might realize some of your journal entries are already lengthy blog posts and all you gotta do is hit the “publish” button.

How is journaling different than planning your blog topics ahead? Simple. Journaling doesn’t have to be planned or structured. That’s the whole point. To be authentic and real, to write your heart out, just letting your thoughts flow on paper. Trust me, you’ll be amazed how well you can write when you take out the struggle of planning, SEO, traffic etc.

UPDATE – Why I did not write for over a month

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I took a long break from blogging. If you didn’t know, it’s enough to go look at my latest posts page and notice the dates. While my hiatus was not necessarily a writer’s block, I’m gonna give you a little update on my life during that period and turn it into an example for writing during a block, inspired from your day-to-day journal.

It all started with an injury to my right wrist. While the injury taught me a lot of lessons from a physical perspective, it also taught me a lot about patience and going with the flow.

The injury eventually turned out to be more serious and not sports related at all. On the contrary – it was due to overuse at the computer. No, it’s not carpal tunnel. It’s on the other side of the wrist, the pinky finger side and it’s called ulnar nerve compression. I did some physical therapy, that helped to an extent, but unfortunately, it’s something chronic and pain management is something that has to be done constantly. So, since I was in the middle of an acute phase, I had to use the computer as little as possible. And as I also work in IT full-time and I couldn’t quit my job, I had to give up my hobby of blogging.

The sad part was that it would’ve been an amazing month for blogging. I traveled a lot, but I only wrote about Venice. I spent time in nature, I recharged, I read books. Eventually, this time spent not writing down my ideas turned into…other ideas.

So now I’m working on a very special project, that is meant to revolutionize the coaching industry. And by coaching I mean everything from life, financial or spiritual coach but also personal training in the fitness industry. So if you are either a coach or a personal trainer, or if you are looking for one but don’t like what you found so far online or near you, stay tuned! Exciting news coming soon!

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Two Tips to Write During a Writer's Block

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    Really useful tips, thank you! Writers block is the worst.


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