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The Skinny Fat Problem And What To Do About It

skinny fat

A while back I launched an invitation to my readers to send questions regarding dieting, exercising, eating healthy and more. One of the questions I received was regarding people who are "skinny fat". The type who looks really well with clothes on, who many even see as skinny. But underneath...

How To Set Fitness Goals For Success

fitness goals

Goals are important in our everyday lives and in fitness as well. They help us have a clear direction, stay accountable and check our progress. While it's important to not become obsessed with these goals, it is equally important to set realistic goals. When it comes to fitness and body...

My Favorite Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

back pain

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. You should consult your physician before starting a new exercise program. If your pain is debilitating, sharp or sudden, please see a doctor. The article is addressed to those with healthy backs, who have mild back pain due...