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A Gift Guide For Digital Nomads

gift guide for digital nomads

Do you have a digital nomad friend and have no idea what to get them for Christmas (or for their birthday)? Or maybe you are a digital nomad yourself but feel totally out of ideas? This short gift guide will give you ideas of gifts that are practical for frequent...

Working from Home vs Cafes vs Coworking Spaces

coworking space vs working from home vs cafes

Welcome to a new post in our series for and about digital nomads! Today I want to address one of the questions freelancers, whether nomads or not, face: should they work from home, from a cafe, or rent a desk at a coworking space? And don't forget, if you want...

All About Digital Nomads Series

all about digital nomads - blogmas series

Inspired by my recent travels, and by all the conversations I've had over time with other digital nomads, I decided to do a series about digital nomads, for them, for their families and friends, for wannabe nomads, and for anyone interested in knowing more about this lifestyle. What topics will...