September, 6th 2018

Hello and welcome to day 5 of my daily blogging challenge. If you are new to my blog and would like to know what this challenge is all about, check out my first post in the series.

My head cold is slowly going away, which is perfect, cause tomorrow I’m traveling, so I have no time for being sick. I’m going to Bucharest for 3 days, so the final 2 days of my challenge will be written while traveling. I admit it’s definitely gonna be a challenge since I’m not gonna be taking my computer with me and I will actually write the posts on my phone.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff. Like I said, my head cold is slowly getting better. I’m a bit terrified since tomorrow I’m gonna be up at 4 a.m. so it’s definitely gonna be an effort. In all honesty, a day of grocery shopping and packing exhausted me, which says a lot about where my body is at. Unfortunately, I can’t postpone this trip, so I gotta push through.

Since my day was so unadventurous, I decided I’m gonna talk about packing light. For years I’ve been everything but a light packer. But since I’ve been having some back issues, combined with the fact that I travel more and more often, I’ve had to learn to pack light.

My tips for packing light

I’m going away for only 3 days. In the past, a carry-on would barely be enough for this type of trip. Why? Because one day is gonna be work – so dress appropriately. I’d also pack something for the evening as I’m gonna be going to a music concert at the Atheneum.  Plus two days of casual dressing, both comfy and cool. Plus taking into account the possibility of any kind of weather. Because it might totally snow in September even if they are predicting 25 degrees Celsius. At the moment I’m going with only one gym back. A small one. Smaller than the size of the smallest luggage allowed on budget flights! So here are my tips for making this possible.

Small luggage

Yes, the secret to being able to travel with a small luggage is to only have a small luggage. Or well, to decide you will only use the small one. If you are traveling for a longer period of time, one small luggage won’t be enough. But the key is to downsize. Are you traveling with a huge checked bag plus the largest possible carry-on? Downsize. Either downsize both bags or just go with the checked bag and a small purse as your carry on.

Make a list of your must-haves

This one should be self-explanatory. Except we often confuse the must-haves with the just in case. You know, those things you pack because what if it snows in August in California?! Joke aside, make the list thinking what can’t I go without? No “I might need this” allowed at this stage.

Did I use this on the last similar trip?

If the above list is still hard to make or you have doubts as yourself the above question. This is mostly for clothes, of course, meds might be a different story, as you will pack a few just in case and you’ll keep packing them if you never use them. Unless you are packing enough to be accused of drug dealing, in which cases you might want to reconsider those as well. With clothes, if you are packing 100 shirts for 7-day trips, downsize! And if the what if it freezes in August in California type of question won’t go away, think about layering. Don’t pack winter clothes if you are traveling to a warm area. But do pack so that you are able to layer if the weather does go crazy. I rarely travel in winter, so I don’t have many tips there. But in my experience, the layering principle is perfect in every season.

Packing light also means light, versatile items

Light shoes, for instance, a Kindle or a tablet instead of 10 books if you’re an avid reader. Light small towels is another thing to consider. Versatile items are also a must. Unless you are traveling for a special occasion, like a friend’s wedding or something, try not to pack items that only serve one purpose.

Packing light is not easy, especially if you are an overpacker. If you are going “cold turkey” from packing everything to doing it like a minimalist, you’ll definitely feel some anxiety, especially on your way to your destination. I remember that feeling that I definitely left something important, and I’m gonna get sick or have to spend a ton of money to buy those items. Guess what, I survived! I remember I had the lightest bag in my group and I didn’t need to borrow a single thing. Actually, my friend needed to borrow a few things from me and her bag was at least twice as big as mine. What type of packer are you? And if you’re a minimalist, what are your tips for packing light? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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    Love this!! I’m going away soon very helpful! From #grlpowr!


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