Resistance and self-sabotage are two of the worst enemies of creators, entrepreneurs, and light workers. We have ideas, we want to make a change, we want to light the world with our creations. But before we’re able to actually take the step to make the change, we feel resistance coming up, you feel you need to stop. But you don’t. You push forward.  And then come the self-sabotaging thoughts. “You’re not good enough. Nobody will like this. You’re not actually creative, you’re just an average person who doesn’t matter. You’ll never succeed.” Sounds familiar? It does for me.

Resisting success

I believe a lot of times when we get these thoughts, we are actually very close to an a-ha moment, to a potential breakthrough. When we are creating something truly amazing. Fear creeps in and makes us stop. The fear to be different, to be rejected. But honey, we all different. Thank God for that! What a boring planet it would be if we’d all be the same.

Resistance is a curious thing. As if the Universe didn’t put enough obstacles in our way, every now and then we start resisting our own ideas, self-sabotaging our chances to succeed. I talked about this from a different perspective in my post about fear of success vs fear of failure. And most of the times this type of resistance against a creative process falls under the same category. We think we fear failure when we actually fear success. Because in our hearts, we know we have a potentially good idea.

Overcoming self-sabotage thoughts

Self-sabotage is the worst enemy of all creative people. We work hard to bring beautiful ideas to life, only to let ourselves be crushed by doubt. Your inner critic wants you to stop, it tells you that you shouldn’t do all this. But honestly, all your inner critic is trying to do is keeping you in your comfort zone. It’s like the survival instinct our ancestors had while living in the wild. They sort of knew where to go and where to stop, so as not to venture right into the cave of a giant wild animal. If they hadn’t had that instinct, humans as a species might not be here today.

So in a way, your inner critic knows when you’re about to step out of the safe zone. And it wants you to stop. In order to do that, it starts giving you all these self-sabotaging ideas. However, unlike in the case of cavemen who definitely needed this inner critic to tell them they might be a bit too brave and they might die if they go on, we creatives are not facing such a deadly challenge.

So how do we stop these self-sabotaging thoughts? Honestly, I still haven’t found a way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share your wonderful ideas with the world? I am writing this blog post now and I’ll be honest, having a blog was something I wanted for a long time before I finally defeated my inner critic and went for it.

Using your inner critic for positive results

While shutting up your inner critic and the thoughts it brings might not be possible (or advisable) you could use it. For instance, you get an idea, you create something, and you feel ready to share it with the world. Fear and doubt come creeping in at this moment and you want to stop. Take a deep breath and listen to the voice that’s telling you that you can’t. I would suggest that you write down the thoughts that come up. This will help you see the patterns of self-sabotage in your thoughts.

Now write down why you think what you created is good. It might be very hard at first, especially after writing down all your doubts. You might need to take a break and that’s ok. Think back to the moment you first started creating, to the moment your first ideas came up. What lit you up? What made you happy, excited? Why did you want to create that thing, what did you see good in it? Write all of that down.

Now, look at both lists. Recognize that self-sabotage list is just that. A list of your doubts that repeat themselves in many areas of your life. The more you will repeat this exercise, with various moments in your life, the more you will come to see the negative patterns and you will be able to break free from them.

At the end of the day, if you still hear your inner critic loud and clear ask yourself this: “Am I creating something good? Am I creating from a place of love? Does this make me happy?” If you answer yes, then just go for it.

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Overcoming self-sabotage and resistance to change; ways to quite your inner critic and defeat self-doubt

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    Marjie Mare

    This is so true, we can be our own barrier to changes and success. It took me a long time, to set myself free from my own criticism and make things happen.


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    Amy Aed

    I think I’ve really needed this post for a while. Recently I’ve just come up with a massive mental block in regards to accepting and working towards good things in my life, and I think that these words are exactly what I need to change it.

    I also just found your blog and oh my god I am in love. Literally your blog is everything that I want mine to be. I’m officially a new reader <3 Have a great weekend 🙂

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere


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