My Weekly Workout Plan

I’ve dedicated many blog posts to healthy and intuitive eating. But when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, working out, moving your body is just as important. So I decided to tell you a bit about my weekly workout plan. Spoiler alert: it’s not fixed and it is based a lot on how I feel and what my body needs. That being said, there is a pattern I like to follow most weeks and I’m gonna tell you about it. My hope is that it helps you find the best workout plan for you. A plan that makes you feel good, keeps you in shape but does not make you feel exhausted.

Workout options

If you are just starting working out you should know that there are many options out there – the easiest for the internet addict being free Youtube videos. It’s how I started working out and there are some great people out there who know what they are doing and have fun channels to keep you motivated. If you’ve never researched workout videos on Youtube before, some of my favorite people on there are Jessica Smith, Blogilates and Fitness Blender. If you want to go for yoga, again there are many great channels, with great videos both for beginners and advanced yogis. My personal favorite channels at the moment include Five Parks Yoga, Yoga with Kassandra and BrettLarkinYoga. (No, this post is not sponsored, I am not affiliated with these channels, I just truly love them).

If you want to go to the gym group workouts are a great place to start. Actually, they are a great place for the more advanced. Personally I prefer them to the classical gym. The atmosphere is great, there’s good music, you can meet new people and have fun. You’ll also get that workout done no matter how crowded the gym is since there’s no waiting for the machine to be free. Jogging can be another fun option, but one I’m not gonna tell you much about since I don’t jog. Why? I don’t like it. As simple as that. However, I do swim – a sports that can be quite the workout if done correctly.

Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday I always workout in the evenings, usually at around 5 p.m. because that works best with my schedule. In the morning I have to be at work pretty early, like I told you in my Morning routine for busy people article. I know many people claim morning workouts are best, but I have a different opinion. Evening workouts can be just as effective, just take care not to do something too strenuous too close to bed time as you might have a hard time falling asleep. But it might also help you fall asleep. It depends. We’re all different. You’ll have to figure out the best time for you.

I like to do three intense workouts per week. Usually these three workouts will be Monday – Wednesday -Friday. What do I consider intense? Circuit training, interval training, tabata and HIIT. Usually I’ll go for full body, but I’ll also go with the flow of whatever group classes are available. I’m lucky however – the gym I go to always has these types of classes scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesdays I aim to a medium intensity workout that targets specific body parts. My upper body – the arms and the back to be more specific are my weaker part so I try to squeeze in an extra workout. Thursdays it’s either yoga or Zumba. It depends on my mood and on the classes schedule at my gym. If no Zumba is available, I’ll do yoga at home.

Saturday and Sunday

On the weekends, I like to slow down a bit. Sundays are always for yoga. If I feel sore or tired, I’ll go for yin yoga, sometimes even 90 minutes classes. Yoga with Kassandra has two awesome 90 minutes yin yoga classes. Otherwise, I’ll go for something more intense, a good 60 minutes vinyasa flow – my personal favorite are the classes from Five Parks Yoga. They are just the perfect balance of strength, stretch and cardio.

Saturdays are a bit more special. Some of them are dedicated to no workouts at all – just cleaning the house or going out with friends. On others – usually 2 Saturdays each month I go swimming. Now let me tell you something about swimming. It’s my favorite thing ever! I would swim every single day. I was probably a fish in a previous life. Unfortunately, in this life, I’m very intolerant to the chlorine and two times a month is all my skin can handle.

Bottom line

If you’ve read my story with obsessive dieting and healing from binge eating disorder respectively, you know how I used to workout. How I used to workout extremely intensive every single day of the week until my body gave up. And also, how I eventually had to give it all up and restart from zero.

The lesson I want you to learn is that balance is key in working out just like in dieting. You can’t force your body to exercise until it is exhausted and expect good overall results. The results will be good only short term. Long term you can expect muscle and joint aches, extreme fatigue and even hormonal imbalances. Your body will do what it takes to protect itself. Aim for something that makes you feel a bit sore. You have to feel like you did work your muscles but you should still have energy to “function” once the workout is done.

Start slow. If right now your routine include zero days of exercises, start with 2-3 days of 30 minutes workouts. Beginner exercises, not high intensity! Learn the correct posture, never prioritize intensity in front of correct execution. Find what feels good when working out. Find what makes you happy. That’s the best exercise you’ll ever do.

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    Emily | patternedpetals

    This is so useful! I really need to get fitness into my routine too. I want to try for a couple of days a week o start with and increase it as I get more used to it. I would do my workout in the evening too. And I am a huge fan of yoga too!
    Emily x


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    Ms Via

    Great post! I have been so inactive and lazy lately, I need to do something about it. I like walking on the treadmill listening to music. I forget everything and I love it. The problem is I do it for few weeks and then I stop, then again will start and stop. 🙂 Need to be serious about it.


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