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At war with the mirror

I looked in the mirror. Disgusting. Ugly. Fat. Unworthy. Incapable. These were only some of the words that were going through my mind. The scale had showed me once I again a number I didn’t like. Who I was didn’t matter. What I could do didn’t matter. I defined my self worth based on that number. The image I saw in the mirror was a reflection of all that time spent hating myself. Putting my own image on a pedestal. Believing that how I looked, what I could do or couldn’t do at the gym defined me. Thinking that was all that mattered about me. I wish I could say I was unique in my way of thinking. Unfortunately, I know I’m not. I know, right at this very moment, hundreds if not thousands of women worldwide go through the same thing.

I found Cambria Joy in one of those years, while I was battling binge eating disorder. Her video “How I stopped binge eating” helped me gain a new perspective on things and it helped me get on the healing path. She has recently published a book, a devotional called Look Inside, dedicated to helping women end the war with the mirror. I understand that if you are not a Christian, this might now seem appealing to you. However, I will tell you that Cambria has an amazing writing style, I never felt like she was trying to push her own beliefs onto me. So give this review a chance, especially if you are someone who struggles with body image issues.

What’s included?

There are quite a few options to purchase Look Inside. The first is a bundle with the devotional, a journal with writing cues and a series of 5 videos, 4 with Cambria and 1 with Ben Courson. Initially there was a second bundle that included a mug with the text “Choose Joy”, which unfortunately sold out pretty quickly. Recently, the devotional has also been launched on Amazon and can be bought as a standalone item, or even in Kindle format if you want to save on the shipping costs. I have the bundle with the devotional, journal and videos and I’m gonna tell you a bit about each of those in this article.

Look Inside
Look Inside - Devotional & Companion Journal

Look Inside Book

The devotional is a short but sweet book, meant to be read in 30 days, one devotional per day. Of course, you can go faster or slower. However, I would recommend going one day at a time. I tried to do 2 devotionals in one day and while reading them is not a big deal, if you take the time to reflect and journal after each devotional, it will be much more beneficial.

Look Inside Journal

The journal accompanies the devotional and contains cues to reflect each day. If you decide you only want the devotional, but are worries you’ll miss this cues, it’s ok. You’ll find the same reflection cues in the devotional. You will miss on an amazingly designed journal. Also, I find for me it is a bit easier to have this particular journal as it helps with accountability. I have no way to forget to answer one of the questions even if I have to take a break while writing, since I will see the empty space in the journal when I get back to it. Check out some of the pictures from the journal below.

Look Inside Journal
Look Inside Book

Look Inside Video Series

The videos complete the book in a perfect manner. If you like Cambria’s videos on Youtube, you will definitely enjoy these as well. If you’ve never watched her videos, she has a main channel and a vlog channel that you can check before choosing if you want the bundle or just the book. They are packed with amazing advice, there’s also a Q&A where she answers some of the most asked questions from her viewers. There’s also a video from Ben Courson, from Hope Generation.

So if you are someone who struggles with body image issues or even with an eating disorder and are a Christian, I highly recommend the Look Inside devotional. It will help you more than you can imagine! I would also like to mention that this post is not sponsored by Cambria Joy, the opinion about the book is 100% mine. The only affiliate links are those from Amazon.

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Look Inside by Cambria Joy - Review of the book/devotional, companion journal and video series

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