What to do when the holidays are not happy


Good ol’ holidays joy…

Ah, the winter holidays. A time to be jolly. Happiness is everywhere, you are surrounded by loved ones, there are tons of presents under the tree. As Christmas is almost over you start thinking about those plans for New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s that glamorous party you’re attending with your partner. Maybe you are going skiing with your best friends. Or maybe you’re soaking up the sun on some exotic beach. This are everyone’s holidays, right? Wrong.

Sometimes, the holidays are anything but cheerful. Maybe this year you are completely alone. You’re loved ones are no longer here, you have no partner and all your friends seem to have forgotten you. You are alone, at home. It is proven that during this time of the year depression cases multiply fast. But it doesn’t have to be you! Loneliness during the holidays is indeed hard, but it isn’t the end of the world.

Focus on yourself

You’re alone and all you can do is focus on the bad side of life – the people who aren’t there, the things you’d like to do but won’t. How about trying something different this year?

For instance, if it’s the holidays, you probably don’t have to go to work! This means you have more time to relax – take a long bath, read those books that have been sitting on a table for months, just waiting a day when you won’t be busy.

How about working out? If you are a fan, the fact that you don’t have much to do these days, means you don’t have to give up your hobby. Maybe you could use this time to try something new. The internet is full of workout videos, so this shouldn’t be too hard. Are you a weightlifter with the worst flexibility ever, but you never had much time to try yoga because of your busy schedule? Well, here’s your chance. There are hundreds of free yoga videos out there, suitable for all levels, so you’ll definitely find something for you. Time is on your side, so start looking? Or maybe you feel like dancing? Play the music you love and start moving! There’s nobody watching, so dance however you feel good!

Get creative!

Many people find that quite moments help them be more creative. So start writing, knitting, crocheting, painting or whatever else you feel like doing. Personally, I love crocheting, but I never have enough time. So cold days without much to do are just perfect. I always emerge with a sweater or some other awesome creations.

Learn something new

Again, the web is full of tutorials. Learning new things can boost your mood, making you feel proud of yourself. Plus, you never know when this new skill might come in handy. If you are a practical person who loves to learn new things, this will definitely make you feel you’ve used all you’re free time the right way.

Meditate … let yourself feel & heal

In the end we have to be honest. Sometimes no activities can cheer us up. Sometimes, we have to allow ourselves to feel the sadness and the pain. No matter how hard it is. If this is you, know that there is still hope. This is just a season in your life. And this year it so happens it’s on the holidays. But it will pass, like all other seasons in our lives. So accept it as it is and allow yourself to feel this myriad of feelings that are bursting inside of you. Meditate, or pray. Just sit in silence for a bit and breath. Allow yourself to feel so that you can heal. This pain you are feeling will go sooner or later. And no matter how cheese this might sound, you will emerge stronger. May the year to come be the best you’ve had so far!

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