Healthy morning routine for busy people

The internet is full of healthy morning routines, whether it’s blogs or videos on youtube, there are tons out there. And they are really great routines, full of awesome advice that we could all follow… if only we had like 3 hours in the morning. Unfortunately, the majority of people have to wake up pretty early and need to get out of the house ASAP. I usually wake up at 6 a.m. and leave my house at 6.45 a.m. And for the longest time, my morning ritual meant snoozing the alarm like 2 or 3 time (5 minutes between them) then freak out, jump out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, put on some make up and RUN!! In this article I’m gonna tell you what helped me turn those 45 minutes of horror in 45 minutes of bliss.


I know you’ve heard it 100 times over, but in order to have a good morning, you need to have a good night’s sleep. Most of us need 7-8 hours of sleep every night so make sure you include that. Sadly, that means if you wake up at 6 a.m. like me, you have to go to bed at 10 p.m. It’s non-negotiable!

If you find you just can’t sleep that “early”, try taking a look at the activities before bed. You might be working out too hard too close to bedtime. Cardio workouts especially have a tendency to give you a boost of energy. So if you finish your workout at 9-9.30 p.m. it will probably be hard to sleep at 10. If you can only workout that late in the evening, go for something lighter like yoga. Leave the strenuous training for days when you have more time.

Another culprit for your little “insomnia” might be a late dinner. You heard a lot of times that you should eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. That’s not just because the possible weight gain when you eat later. It’s also because food does require some energy to digest and your body might refuse to slow down till it’s done. Also, try to eat less carbs in the evening as they are also meant to give energy.

Put your alarm clock away from your bed

You’ll need it in the same room of course. But put it across the room, so that you can’t snooze it. Well, you can technically snooze it, but once you get out of bed and walk across the room to do it, staying out of bed will be easier. It’s a simple but effective trick, trust me!

Morning meditation

I know, I know, you don’t have time to sit still in the morning! Did I say anything about sitting still? Meditate while in the shower, or even while you’re brushing your teeth. Take a few deep breaths, give thanks for the day, be grateful for what you have. I mean, you might be hating waking up in the morning, or even your job. But that also means you have a job, an income and you are healthy enough to wake up in the morning and go to work!

Another thing that always cheers me up is listening to music and even dancing while getting dressed and putting on my make up. It gives me a little boost of energy and sometimes it even feels like I managed to squeeze in a little 10 minutes workout. Yes, this works best if you live alone or if you’re partner/roommate wakes up at the same time. But headphones can also do the trick.

Prepare everything in the evening

This will give you more time in the morning. More time to sleep in case you do snooze that alarm or more time to meditate or dance or even time for coffee. Start by choosing your outfit. Get it out of the closet and place it somewhere in the room, like a chair or a table, so that in the morning it’s ready to wear. You also avoid being tempted to change your mind by not re-opening the closet.

If you’re trying to eat healthy in the morning, do a little meal prep the evening before. You could prepare all your ingredients for your smoothie and place them in the fridge or make some overnight oats or whatever else you prefer. The goal is to have it ready to eat (or to take with you) so you don’t waste time or end up eating something totally unhealthy on your way to work.

Look in the mirror…

and love yourself. You are perfect just as you are. You are unique. Those flaws you see and hate, they make you unique. Just like your beauty, which so often you fail to acknowledge. Start acknowledging it right now! You will succeed today! If you dream it, it means there’s a way to make it happen. So go on and make it happen! I believe in you! All you have to do is believe in yourself.

One more thing

I hope these tips help you have better mornings even when you’re in a hurry. Try not to deviate from your sleep schedule in the weekends. You only make it harder for you on Monday. Eventually you’re body will become used to it and your morning routine we’ll be bliss.

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    Great tips! I meditate while brushing my teeth and starting out the window, where I can often see the sun rise. It’s the little things that start the day out right! 🙂


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    Kira L. L.

    This inspires me to live my best mornings now that I can!!!


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    I love these tips. They’re useful


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    Here’s one that’s worked well for me: Each day, focus on the top 3 things you want to accomplish and do those things first.


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    I really need to work on the earlier bedtime, I find it hard as by the time you clean up after dinner, organise everything for the next day you just want to sit and relax in front of the TV.


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