Find Confidence – You Are Enough

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.

Maya Angelou

I love that quote. I posted it a while back on Instagram and it’s been on my mind to write a post centered around it ever since. It’s a quote that holds so much truth in just a few words. And yet, it’s so hard to live by it. To believe you are enough. To believe you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Falling in the trap of comparison is far easier. And how couldn’t we? Social media, selfies, likes, loves, number of followers, number of friends. Inevitably you someone Instagram feed which is full of photos from parties, from vacations. It’s a colorful feed with a person that’s always having fun. How do they do it? They have the perfect life. I want that life. I’m never gonna have that many followers.

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it does. I fell into that trap countless of times. Comparing myself with friends, with bloggers with a larger following, with business owners with hundreds of clients. Who am I next to them? I want to be better than them. I want a larger following, more success and a more beautiful Instagram feed (or whatever other social media). I want what they have. And then I want more.

Right then and there, with that mindset, you set yourself up for failure. And while failure can be a good thing sometimes, like I talked about in a previous article, this type of failure can be avoided.

Find confidence in your uniqueness

You are unique. There’s no one exactly like you in this world. And what a blessing that is! Wouldn’t it be horrible to have a doppelgänger not only in looks but also in character? Plus, even the doppelgängers in The Vampire Diaries were pretty different from one another, personality wise. (Yes, I watched TVD, don’t judge, you have your guilty pleasures too!) 

Knowing you are unique, why not try and thrive on that aspect. Comparison kills more dreams than it helps. It is a gift you are unique. That social media feed that maybe isn’t as colorful or as full of your happy selfies could attract a girl that is stuck in depression. It could tell her not everyone has a perfect life, but they do what they can with what they are given. They live it anyway. It might not give you as many followers but it’ll give you genuine followers, people who feel you help them.

Your blog posts may not be the most popular, the subjects you choose to write about may be controversial, or considered “weird”. But when the people who are interested in those subjects find you, when they realize that there is someone out there who is not afraid or ashamed to write about those things – what a beautiful moment that will be! And what an impact you can make for those people!

So find confidence in your uniqueness. In the things that set you apart. For those are the things that make you who you are. And those things are worth sharing.

Find confidence in your strength

I guess this is the easiest one, right? Usually the problem with our strength is that it is sometimes hard to find, hard to see. Maybe you are battling an eating disorder and you feel you are weak and worthless for having an ED in the first place. It’s not a weakness! Getting up everyday and doing your best to battle your disorder is a strength. Not giving up no matter how many times you failed, that is a strength. Having the courage to start sharing your opinions through a blog, or on social media that is a strength. Even if you’re not sharing with friends and family, even if you are not fully disclosing your identity. You’re still putting your ideas out there, making a difference. That takes courage and strength! Know that you are strong! Then be confident in your strength.

Find confidence in your weakness

I know what you’re thinking. How on Earth can you find confidence in being weak?! Simple: you can inspire people through your weakness. Instead of focusing on things you can’t do, or on the things you don’t have focus on the lessons learned. Because believe it or not, our weaknesses always teach us something.

For instance, you might learn how to replace certain things. Let’s start with a simple and fun example. Maybe you can’t fly because you suffer from a horrible fear of flying. While that will probably stop you from getting to certain parts of the world (or at least make it difficult) you can travel by car or by train. The distances you can travel in one week for instance might be shorter.

But by car you’ll get to see every city that’s between your home and your destination. You can take time and admire the scenery, make stops and really admire the country you’re visiting. By train the scenery might not always be the best, but there are a lot young people traveling and you can use this chance to meet people.

Diseases and disabilities are another weakness that often stops us in our tracks. But this can also be seen as an amazing opportunity to inspire others. How are you dealing with your problem? How are you battling it? Long story short, you can always see the bright side. It’s a choice you make. Look at the downside of a situation or look at the bright side. Remember my post about starting fresh? I told you there that stress is a choice and so is busy. Well, so is feeling weak. You can let your weakness pull you down or you can use it to empower you. The choice is yours. Choose well.

You are enough

You have nothing to prove to anyone. So you do you. And you’ll the that the right people, those who share your opinions, those who feel inspired by you, will find you. You don’t need to change to be loved. On the contrary – you need to stop being something you aren’t. Maybe you feel lonely now. But one day, when you find your people, your tribe, you’ll see it is all worth it.

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    This is such an important post. Becoming more confident in myself and my abilities was a straight road to success and happiness


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    Enele Ogah

    Great post you’ve got here!!! 🙂


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