As some of you may know, at the beginning of this month I challenged myself to go on a daily blogging challenge. I wanted to prove that everyday normal life can be inspiring, that days we deem as boring, can teach us a lesson. My challenge was to blog every day for 7 days.

How your day goes is all about perspective

The challenge went well in my opinion, and I managed to write meaningful posts each day. I won’t lie, not every day of those 7 days was great. I didn’t feel like there was something worth sharing in each day. But in the evening, when all was said and done, I had to sit down, look back at my day, and find something to write about. And it did result in posts obviously inspired by “dark places”, like the one about anxiety. But because I didn’t want the posts to be negative per se, I had to turn those thoughts into something good. Into a lesson. So once I was done, I realized, the day wasn’t so bad after all.

If you choose to look at your day and see only the problems, you’ll be miserable, depressed, and this your life is horrible. If you look at your day and see past your problems, you see the fun moments or the lessons learned, it will all be worth it.

We all have moments in our lives worth sharing

Have you ever watched a vlog on Youtube and thought “my life just isn’t worth sharing”? Comparison is an ugly trap, and it becomes even uglier when you put others on a pedestal. And just to be clear, I know vlogging and blogging aren’t the same. It might seem easier to write about a day when all you did was sit at your desk, as opposed to vlogging it. But again, I think it is about perspective. I don’t vlog simply because I prefer writing, I always have. But I think the same conclusions would have applied if I was filming instead of writing.

Finding moments that are worth sharing is up to you. After all, even vloggers will create videos of 10-15 minutes out of an entire day. It all goes back to perspective. But also to knowing your life is not meaningless.

Stop comparing yourself to others and living by their standards. Start creating your own standards.

Things are better when you don’t stress about them

If you are a blogger, you might know how it feels to stress about your blog. Schedule your posts, think out the topics, the SEO optimization of each post, the list can go on. This daily blogging challenge was a bit different for me. Why? Well, the idea was precisely not to have a plan, not to schedule my posts or my topics and just let ideas flow, inspired by each day.

The result? I wrote posts much faster (think under an hour), with topics are really loved. Even SEO wasn’t so hard to do. I usually think my posts with keywords in mind, this time I went in reverse. I use Yoast SEO and most of the times once I set the keyword, my SEO was perfect according to my plugin.

I remembered why I love blogging

Pretty much in the same way these spontaneous posts helped me be less stressed about the content, they also helped me remember why I love blogging. I was truly writing posts out of my heart. Whatever the result.

I got more readers

…and with less effort and time spent sharing. During this daily blogging challenge, I had less time to share my posts. Some I only shared on Twitter, completely forgetting about Facebook, groups or Instagram. And you know what the funny thing was? I actually had more readers for each post. Maybe it was the idea of a daily blogging challenge that attracted readers, I don’t know. It does take me back to an advice I got a while back from a blogger – “your readers will come when you stop trying to attract them and just focus on writing”.

This wraps up my thoughts on my daily blogging challenge. If you ever want to try one yourself, please let me know, I’d love to read your posts.

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    I do try to post daily! A tip I got that I took to heart was to post series. That way, you’d always have inspo.

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