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Introducing the Creative Business Diaries

A series of interviews with creative business owners. Find out who they are, what they create, how they do it, their tips to succeed in the business. Stay tuned for interviews with people from all sorts of areas from bloggers and writers, to people who have created successful companies. Get inspired, find new creators to follow, new products, new coaches and more.

Who can participate?

I believe that all business owners are creators. Because they build something from their dream. So whether you are a blogger, a writer, a painter, designer, whether you make clothes, or jewels, or meditation tools, videos, music, oracle decks, computer software or hardware, whether you’ve built a community online or offline, you are a creator. And if I’ve missed your area, let me know, because I’m sure you can fit in.

It is for beginners, people who are still trying to build their business, who are trying to reach more people but don’t know how.

But it is also for those who are successful in what they do and feel they want to inspire others.

A Place To Find Inspiration

Maybe you are not yet a creator. You have some ideas but are unsure where to start or if you could make it. This series is meant to inspire you. People like you, who started their business from a dream, an idea, and created something beautiful. People who struggle, just like, with busy lives, and still find time to bring their ideas to life.

Find amazing products

You’ll not only find inspiration. You can find bloggers, books, or even products. Those interviewed here are small business owners, artists, entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Supporting them is more than buying a product you need. Is supporting a family, a hardworking person who creates from the heart.

Do you want to participate?

Nothing easier! Send an email to and I will send you the questions. Or if you decide to participate after the first interviews have been posted and you already know the questions, feel free to send directly the answers. Finally, if you want me to customize some questions for you and make the interview more personal, send an email to the same address and we’ll chat.

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