Hi guys! It’s Monday and that means there’s a new interview in the Creative Business Diaries series. Today’s guest is Hannah, the owner and creator of The Sacred Haven. In her own words:

“I am wife and mother to two amazing kids (ages 9 and 4)ย  and together we live in the magical PNW!ย  It has been such a joy to offer my services and healing tools to those that seek them, and with every creation, I step further and further into resonance. Finding peace, healing, and empowerment through these incredible gemstones our mother Earth has given us… wow. I am so grateful and humbled by this task Spirit has bestowed upon me! In Love in All Ways, Always. “

sacred haven

1. What do you create?

I am a Sacred creator of intentional jewelry, intuitively designed for the soul <3 Mala beads, choker necklaces and bracelets are my specialties. I also offer crystal specimens as they call to be offered ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Why do you create?

I create because Spirit called and I am Showing up to Answer! <3 I am an Alchemist of Heart. Honoring the Sacred, expressing my soul. Channeling the highest good for all beings! My journey into being a creator of these sacred tools was extremely intuitively driven.. and since following the call, I have felt more in resonance than ever in my life.

3. When did you start creating?

I discovered mala mediation in 2015 and in the early spring of 2016 I purchased a mala that felt LIFE CHANGING – which quickly BROKE. My heart was so heavy! but there was also a HUGE SHIFT.. and I KNEW in that moment, deep within my soul, that iI was MEANT to recreate this piece! Thus, a raging fire was sparked and I haven’t put down my pliers since. I launched my Etsy shop in July of 2017 and made over 60 malas in my first year of business! <3

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to share their creations/start a business but doesnโ€™t know where to start/is afraid of reactions?

My best advice is to JUST DO IT! Always listen to spirit – even if it doesn’t seem “mainstream.” Go with your flow and what feels MOST RIGHT within your heart. Always follow resonance!

5. Favorite social media to promote/to find inspiration and what tips do you have to succeed on that network (if any)?

I am a huge fan of Instagram and simply GETTING OUT THERE in person in your community! I feel like to be in the business of creating, you are also in the business of CONNECTING – and it is so important to connect face to face with humans along the process!

6. Who inspires you and why?

This might sound cliche – but honestly, my kids. They are so brilliant and heart-centered. They are wise beyond their years and teach me so much every day about being a better human and leading with my heart!

7. What are some of the disadvantages of the business you are in and how do you beat them?

Honestly, I think the habit-forming presence of social media is the hardest part! It is so easy to get sucked into the rat race and be on your phone more…more…more! But what we end up with is LESS. Less happiness, less contentment, less laughter, less time watching the sunset etc. I combat that by taking regular social media breaks ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Was there a moment when you wanted to quit? Why?

Honestly, no. That is the beautiful part of sharing my creativity – I don’t owe anything to ANYONE but myself and to Spirit <3 I know that this is the path I am on for a REASON – and if someday that means moving in another direction, then I’m totally open to that! But quitting on my soul’s expression simply ISN’T an option <3

9. How has your business evolved since you started it? Did it go in the direction you were expecting?

When I first started my business, I felt a lot of pressure to perform, and I think it’s really important to stay on top of WHAT PLACE you’re sharing from.. is it from a lack mentality place? (I’ve got to do xyz to be successful!) or is it from an abundance mindset? (I GET to do xyz AND be successful! =D)
That has been the BIGGEST evolution in my business since I started! I have vowed to myself that I will never FORCE myself to make anything. No Rat Races. My sacred creations will always come from an open heart space <3 And if that means clients waiting a month – then they will! And it will be worth the wait ๐Ÿ˜‰

10. What makes you mad about the creators’ community and how would you change that?

The concept of “competition” really bothers me. Especially now that I’ve evolved from that lower vibration! I see how the TRUTH is the opposite of competition! The more we BUILD each other up, the more we raise the collective vibration of abundance around us! There is more than enough room for everyone <3

Random 5:

  1. Chocolate or Pancakes? – Chocolate
  2. Sweet or Salty? – Salty
  3. Wine or Beer? – Neither! Go Green!ย ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Swimming or Skiing? – Swimming
  5. Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings? – Lord of the Rings

Check out more of Hannah’s work in her online shop or follow her on Instagram atย @Sacred.Rising & @TheSacredHaven. Finally, for any questions regarding her business, you can contact Hannah via email.

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