Hi guys! Welcome to a new interview in the Creative Business Diaries series with Shelley Jarvis of Niche Travel Design.

Shelley has years of event planning and travel design experience.  Ms. Jarvis has planned events as large as a week-long trade show, and as intimate as a private dinner party for two.  Her client list has included former American Presidents, Governors, heads of state, corporate leaders and individuals just like you.

Her company, Niche Travel Design, believes that designing the perfect vacation is as much an art form as designing a home’s interior or a garden’s landscape.

Niche Travel Design consultants are experts at finding the best cup of coffee, the most interesting art gallery, the best place to sip Prosecco while watching the sunset, and the best accessories to make your adventure more comfortable.

Niche Travel Design is a community featuring stories of life abroad, cultural experiences, recipes, ideas, and tips for creating unique memories to last a lifetime. We also recommend products and services.

Let us curate your travel experience so you can feed your soul.

Let us help you to Find Your Niche In The World!

1. What do you create?

Photographs, articles, city guides, and curated, unique travel experiences.

2. Why do you create?

I cannot help taking photos. It is just the way my mind works. The articles are a way to showcase the photos usually. And the curated travel because I believe in the power of travel to transform lives, open people’s minds and fight bigotry. I curate the travel experience because I believe in exploring beyond the obvious to find the essence of the place you are visiting.

3. When did you start creating?

I started writing and taking photographs as a child. I started planning trips for people in my 20’s.

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to share their creations/start a business but doesn’t know where to start/is afraid of reactions?

While we all want affirmation, and many of us want to make our creations into a business, one must always create for yourself first and foremost. Stay true to what inspires you and hopefully, your audience will find you.

5. Favorite social media to promote/to find inspiration and what tips do you have to succeed on that network (if any)?

Instagram and Google+ because they are both very visual. I don’t really have any insight as they always seem to be changing their algorithms. I am a visual person though so I enjoy those platforms.

6. Who inspires you and why?

Anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and take a risk.

7. What are some of the disadvantages of the business you are in and how do you beat them?

One is often alone. It can be solitary. I try to go out a couple of times a week to a shared workspace to be around other people.

8. Was there a moment when you wanted to quit? Why?

Yes. Just recently. The technical and business side was getting to me. I took a few months off and then decided to stop trying to please everyone and just focus on the photos, places, etc. that speak to me. I had to find the fun in it again.

9. How has your business evolved since you started it?

It has evolved because I moved from the USA to Europe so I had to essentially start from scratch as my client base was in the USA.  Did it go in the direction you were expecting? It is much more difficult than I ever realized and takes a lot more time than I ever thought.

10. What makes you mad about the creators’ community and how would you change that?

It doesn’t make me mad, but I am not interested in seeing overly stylized, edited photos. There are so many out there now. First, they look fake to me. Second, they are not an accurate representation of the place being photographed. Third, I am in the minority, but I am not interested in seeing the back of a person in each shot. I prefer to see the landscape and local people.

Random 5:

1. Chocolate or Pancakes? chocolate chip pancakes
2. Sweet or Salty? both
3. Wine or Beer? wine
4. Swimming or Skiing? both
5. Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter all the way.

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