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Hi guys! Welcome to another interview in the Creative Business Diaries series. This week we have Leah, a travel blogger at Here’s how she describes herself.

Hi, I’m Leah! I am a travel blogger who loves to share my passion for adventure with others! My husband and I love to travel, and we welcomed our first baby girl to our family this year. So far, she loves going on adventures with us!

Our family loves variety. We love everything from exploring the historic cities of Europe to sleeping under the stars in the USA’s National Parks to enjoying our own beautiful county when we are at  home (Sonoma County, California).

You will find a lot of variety in my blog posts, because I blog about all kinds of adventures (no matter how big or small). I share everything from trip itineraries to adventure guides to  allergen-friendly restaurant recommendations, and my hope is that I  will inspire my readers as they plan their own adventures.

If you are considering starting your own travel blog (or really, any blog!), I would love to encourage you to go for it! I put it off for
so long, and now that I’ve done it, I cannot believe I waited this long. I love the creative community that it has provided, and I would  love to network and encourage others in their journey!

What do you create?

I recently started a family travel blog called An Adventure is Calling   ( My husband and I have a passion for  travel, and I love sharing our trip itineraries and travel tips/resources with others.

Why do you create?

Travel is one of my greatest passions, and I love sharing about our  experiences in hope of helping others in their travel journeys. I am also
a teacher, and my love for helping others has evolved into wanting
to help others in the area of planning unforgettable adventures. I also love that blogging has become a creative outlet for me. It is a great way for me to document our travels for our family.

When did you start creating?

I started my travel blog in the summer of 2018. I had wanted to start a blog for years. My husband and I recently had our first baby girl, and I transitioned from working as a teacher full-time to working part-time from home. The time was finally right to launch my travel blog.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to share their creations/start a business but doesn’t know where to start/is afraid of reactions?

My biggest advice is to just go for it. If you’re passionate about starting something, that passion will not go away. Put aside all the excuses that are holding you back and just start. In the blogging world, I know that a lot of people want their blog to look perfect before launching. The reality is that creating a successful blog is a process (one that I’m currently journeying through!), and your blog will never be “perfect”. There will always be room for improvement, so it is best to just go for it and make changes along the way as you learn.

Favourite social media to promote/to find inspiration and what tips do you have to succeed on that network (if any)?

My personal favourite social media outlet is Pinterest. I love finding inspiration on those boards, and I have found that it is the easiest way to drive traffic back to my blog. My biggest tip for a new blogger is to reach out to a Pinterest Virtual Assistant for help. It can be frustrating to pay someone to help you before you are making money from your blog, but there are affordable options out there. I decided to go with minimal consulting services rather than a start-up,  on-going package. My Pinterest VA gave me invaluable tips (that I would have paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for if I had tried to learn it all independently through Pinterest courses). I implemented her advice and my traffic from Pinterest grew by 200% in just a couple of weeks.

Who inspires you and why?

My husband inspires me more than anyone else I know! He moved a lot when he was growing up (and lived on three continents), and he  traveled the world quite a bit. He has a passion for travel and comfort level by exploring new places that inspires me to go outside of my comfort zone. He is my biggest supporter and my favourite adventure buddy!

What are some of the disadvantages of the business you are in and how do you beat them?

Starting a blog takes a lot of time, and most people do not make money for a long time. It is one thing to just push “publish” on a blog post, and it is another thing to actually go through the process of making sure it reaches people. I put a lot of work into my blog, and I also view it as a hobby. If I make money- wonderful! If I don’t – that’s ok too, because I am truly enjoying the process!

Was there a moment when you wanted to quit? Why?

I haven’t experienced that moment yet! I think I have created a good balance for myself. I spend a lot of time on my blog, but I do not let it dictate my life. I absolutely love blogging and look forward to creating new content, and I think that is why I have not experienced burn out.

How has your business evolved since you started it? Did it go in the direction you were expecting?

My blog has grown in its number of viewers and subscribers quite a bit since I launched it, but I still have a long way to go to reach my goals. I have been pleasantly surprised so far, and I am enjoying the process!

What makes you mad about the creators’ community and how would you change that?

For the most part, I’ve been really pleased with the kindness I’ve experienced in the blogging community. I have found that people are very willing to share their experiences with one another to help each other out. I am grateful for that!

Random 5:

Chocolate or Pancakes?

Definitely chocolate – but only dark!

Sweet or Salty?

Salty! Other than chocolate, I do not have much of a sweet tooth.

Wine or Beer?

I am actually not a fan of either! But I’ll go with wine, because I love cooking, and it is such a great ingredient in so many recipes. I am also from Wine Country (Sonoma County, California), and the vineyards are beautiful!

Swimming or Skiing?

I love both, but I’ll go with skiing!

Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?

It probably sounds crazy, but I don’t care for either! I didn’t even watch any of the movies until I started dating my husband 6 years ago. I enjoyed the first couple Harry Potter movies, but overall, I’m ok with never watching any
of those movies again. 🙂

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