Beautifully Confident Without Makeup

Guest post by Osinachi from awkwardlycruising.

Makeup is a beautiful thing and can be used in many artistic ways, but let’s face it, there are negative connotations with the use of it. One of them is that the person is insecure about how they look. Not true in many cases but let’s focus on those instances that make the statement true. People at times put on makeup in order to look nice and presentable to the world, but why is that? Why can’t our natural face, lips, lashes, and eyebrows be what’s nice and presentable to the world?

Through media and celebrities, we’ve been battered down to think that we need to always look perfect, spot free, glowing highlights and perfect contour, an idea which personally I loathe due to the simple idea that I dislike makeup for many reasons. One being that I am terrible at applying it, I have no creativity with it. another reason is I hate the way it feels on my face, it makes me feel uneasy as it creates a barrier between myself and my face. Due to these reasons and more, I have an estranged relationship with makeup, where I only apply it for events or before meeting important people like going to interviews.

I am a terribly spotty person so at times I do sometimes feel terribly insecure without a drop of makeup on me, however, although feeling that way, I feel free and happy at having my face to myself. When you have spots, you are always aware of them, it’s strange, but you feel everyone who looks at you judges you on the ‘bad skin’ you have, the downfalls of this terrible society we live in, but it is not always the case, it rarely ever is.

To us having spots and pimples is such a terrible thing, always looking to the person next to us with the clear skin wishing we had that. As much as I hate this statement, it is terribly true, whatever ‘trials’ we go through in life, shapes the person we become, although a tad dramatic on the trials, the statement is true, because we have spots and pimples on our faces, we can develop a system to ignore little things like that, grow to not be so concerned with what people think of our appearances.

As I get older, I have grown to love been more natural, everyone has different ideas on being comfortable, for example, how do people sit around at home in jeans, such monsters! There I go straying from the point, but who are these people comfortable in jeans. Makeup has its uses, it gives us confidence, or alleviates it, keeps us glowing and happy, but the message I’m trying to convey is, makeup is a wonderful thing and can be a way of expressing ourselves, but we need to learn to be ourselves first because the reality is, whatever reasons we’ve got to put on our makeup, it gets taken off at the end of the day and what we’re faced with is who we truly are, so love that person first before decorating them. 

Osinachi is the blogger at awkwardlycruising, she loves painting, baking, and Netflix! She is a personal and lifestyle blogger and she loves to write motivational posts. 

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