The Creators Tribe is my blog. A place where I write about my life, about things I find of interest, about things that inspire me, hoping that in turn I will inspire others.

But it is also more than just a blog space. It is a place for writers, painters, photographers to share their creations without worrying about likes, about what co-workers or family might think. To share their ideas without worrying about creating a entire website or about attracting an audience. We’re doing that. All you need to do is create content and send it to us. We will publish it on our website in an appropriate section (e.g. travel, nature, fashion, musings, poetry and more). We’ll give you credit for all your content. However, you choose how to be credited, it does not have to be your real name. Interested? See the sections below for information on how this work, what type of work we accept and what we ultimately want to create.

Homepage – the landing page for The Creators Tribe, here you’ll find featured post both from our blog, from the creators’ blog and from the gallery as well as any news.

Blog – as you probably already guessed, that’s our blog. We write about travel, jobs, fashion or sometimes you’ll just find our musings. You might see the occasional product review, but we do not want to become an advertising blog, so don’t worry. The blog is also where we post news, so don’t miss that section either.

Contact Us – This is where the contact form is at. Use this, or if you want to make sure we get your message on type (wordpress does have its glitches here and there) you can send us an e-mail at

For the beginning, the emphasis is on writing. I think writers have the hardest time sharing their creations, whereas painters and photographers have it a bit easier. However, if all you want to post is a photo or a painting, do that. All we ask is that you write a description. Try to make it of about 300 words or more.

For the writers subject are endless, really. Our only rules are about what we do not post:

  • no porn, violence or abuse stories. In short, we will not post anything that is considered adult content
  • in addition to the previous point, any posts bashing certain cultures or groups of people will be banished. So for example, if you want to send us a travel related post in which all you do is tell us how stupid the culture in country X is, don’t waste your time! It won’t get published. Tell us your experience in that country. But don’t make it about bashing a culture entirely.

You can e-mail it to us at: with subject “PUBLISHING”. We’ll open e-mails with other subjects, but just in case, you should stick to that subject line, so your e-mail doesn’t get lost. If you want us to use your own photos in the post, send those along. Otherwise, we’ll use a 1-2 to make the post look good. We might also do a couple of modifications, if needed, for SEO optimization. They will be minimal, we promise!

If you just want to send as a quick message, or an excerpt from your post, you can use the Contact Us form.

It depends. We try to be as quick as possible, but time will vary depending on the number of posts we receive and on how much editing we need to do. You have the option to let us do a little SEO optimization. Don’t worry, we won’t do a significant modification to your post! Also, we need to edit it so it can look good on the website (this will not modify the content itself at all, it is just about using the right fonts, headings and maybe photos). If you send us a post that is already nicely edited and almost SEO optimized, our work will be minimal and you can see your post on the website in 48 hours or less. Otherwise, give us up to a week to finish the editing.

That’s ok! On our blog you’ll find topics like healthy eating, fitness, writing tips & tricks, musings, travel and more. We hope you’ll take time to check it out whether you want to become a creator or not.