Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einsten

The Creators’ Tribe…

… was born from a dream.

I dreamt there could be a place for creators to share their creations safely. Without worrying about what the others – family, friends, co-workers – say about them. Without worrying that their posts get lost because of social media algorithm that benefit accounts with a large following.

I wanted to create a place, a tribe for like-minded people. For those who want to write or take pictures and post them for simple inspiration.

A wise person once told me the secret to beautiful creations is to create for yourself. Create something you like. Something that inspires you. And those like-minded, those who are meant to be inspired by you will find you. With this in mind, I created my own blog here on The Creators Tribe.

Not a creator? No problem. This website is for all people alike. You can come here and read and find inspiration. My hope is that one day this Tribe will be big enough for everyone to find exactly the inspiration they need.

More than a blog

It is a place for all creative people – writers, photographers, painters – to share their content with the  world. To inspire those who need it most, without worrying about the constant competition for likes, comments, followers that the usual social media brings.


Read more About us to find out how the Tribe works, how you can become a contributor. If you just want to understand the website structure, you’ll find it explained on the same page.

Stay connected

We have a Facebook and a Twitter page to stay in contact with you easier. We also announce any new blog posts there as well as promote contributions from awesome fellow creators!

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